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Fur~Baby LLC specializes in dog daycare, boarding and grooming. Fur~ Baby believes in open play dog where dogs are free to run, jump, play and sniff to their heart’s content in a safe, monitored environment. Our mission is to provide the utmost in personalized care and exceptional service to our guests on four legs, as well as their two-legged parents.

We are seeking trustworthy, reliable, HARDWORKING individuals who have reliable transportation and are mature enough to work unsupervised. You must have a true passion for dogs. This is a serious job and not to be taken lightly!
We are looking for part time, year-round employment.

Please review the below job description before applying. If Fur~Baby is a good fit for you and you would like to apply, please fill out the online application.  All applicants must fill out the application in its entirety and return in PERSON to Fur Baby.

Successful candidates should be:

*18 years of age or older
*Able to interact in a positive way with all sizes and types of dog (If you are afraid of ANY breed, this is not the place for you)
*Ready to take on heavy cleaning on a daily basis (Lots of dogs means lots of cleaning!)
*Must have the ability to work either one Saturday or Sunday each week or one full weekend a month
*Able to work days, evenings and Holidays (You must be available 6:30am-12:30pm or 1:45pm-7:30pm)

Job responsibilities include but may not be limited to:

1. Supervise Playrooms

a. Maintain control of large group of open play dogs in the playroom at all times to ensure a safe environment.
b. Continuously on their feet showing the dogs attention and care to ensure that they are maintaining a pack leader status in the room.
c. Behavioral issues are addressed proactively in a timely and effective manner. This may include crating for time-outs when necessary, but NEVER includes the use of physical force or punishment of a dog. We have a zero-tolerance policy for the mistreatment of animals.
d. Aware of environment at all times and consistently attends to any special needs dogs including but not be limited to dogs that need to be crated when other dogs enter the playroom and dogs that cannot be together.

2. Cleaning Duties

a. Playroom is continually monitored and kept free of messes by immediate and continual spot cleaning throughout the shift.
b. Daily cleaning assignments which may include, but are not limited to sweeping, mopping, taking out the trash, refilling the water cooler, replacing water bowls.
c. Cleaning procedures involve the proper use of chemicals to ensure a safe environment for both dogs and people.
d. Daily and weekly cleaning assignments typically include moving and sanitizing crates up to 48″ x 24″ as well as cleaning the walls, floors and play equipment with sanitizing solutions.
e. Naptime cleaning assignments typically include a cleaning activity and providing dog baths and/or nail trimming. Naptime assignments are expected to be completed in a timely manner.

3. Health and Grooming

a. Demonstrated ability to bathe any size dog without direct supervision and to company standard. Proper procedures include the use of appropriate shampoo for the dog, appropriate use of bathing equipment, and the clean up of the bathing area upon completion.
b. Ability to clip dog toenails with the assistance of another team member.
c. Ability to understand and follow without exception the Feeding List, Medication List and Allergy List to ensure that all health standards are met consistently.

4. Teamwork and Own Initiatives

a. Ability to work cohesively with their team in a respectful and professional manner.
b. Effectively communicates both orally and on paper. Utilizes company tools to communicate relevant information daily via the activity log and to their supervisor.
c. Maintains a positive attitude and demeanor in all aspects of their position including room management and customer service.
d. Maintains consistent time and attendance standards.
e. Follows company dress code guidelines for professional and safe standards.
f. Is on time for scheduled shifts and in the case of an emergency, calls in advance of their shift to allow time for proper coverage.
g. Takes their own development as a personal responsibility and uses mistakes and/or challenges as an opportunity to grow to a higher standard of performance.

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