Fur Baby Pet Boutique

Welcome to our Pet Boutique, where every product is handpicked to ensure your furry friend gets the best! Whether you’re looking for items we use in-house during our services, everyday essentials, or special occasion treats, we have something for every pet parent and their beloved companion.

In-House Favorites

Discover the products our experts trust and use every day! From premium shampoos and conditioners to grooming tools and accessories, these items have been tested and loved by our professional staff. Bring the spa experience home with our top-quality grooming supplies.

You can also enhance your pet’s day with our selection of enriching food and treats! These products are not only delicious but also designed to stimulate and engage your pet. From puzzle feeders that challenge their minds to nutritious treats that reward good behavior, these are the same products we use to keep our playcare and hotel guests happy and entertained.

Everyday Essentials

Stock up on the basics that keep your pet happy and healthy. We offer a wide range of food, treats, toys, and health products to meet your pet’s daily needs. Whether it’s nutritious meals, delicious snacks, or engaging toys, find everything you need for a well-rounded pet lifestyle.

Special Occasion Surprises

Make your pet’s special moments unforgettable with our selection of festive and unique products. Celebrate birthdays, holidays, and milestones with themed toys, gourmet treats, and stylish accessories. Our boutique ensures that every occasion is as special as your pet is to you.

We LOVE re-fur-als!

Tell your fur~iends about us and when they come to visit you both will get discounts on your next service!

Please book online or call to schedule their day at the spa!

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