All Natural, Human Grade

Eco friendly, Hand-made, Locally made, Organic,
Custom & Rescue Friendly

We offer unique items and feature Eco friendly, Hand-made, Locally made, Organic, Custom and Rescue Friendly just to name a few. Our goal is to offer quality products while supporting our local community & Delaware animal rescues.

You can be certain that all of our products have been researched, tested and approved by us! We are thrilled to be able to offer our knowledge on each item that we carry so please don’t hesitate to ask.

We are proud to say that ALL of the products we offer have NEVER had a recall, if that ever did happened you would NEVER see that product here again. We only offer items that we give to our own Fur~Babies, if it’s not good enough for them then we would never give it to yours….that is a promise we take very seriously.

There have been too many recalls on products that have sickened or killed fur~babies, you can feel safe knowing that we have done the research for you and only offer the safe products. 100% of our food & treats are made here in the USA with HUMAN grade ingredients.

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