Fur Baby Hotel

Proud to offer one of a kind services for our guests!

Options and Amenities
Master Suite 200sqft

Includes Daycare, potty, breaks and bed. This room is Perfect for larger breeds, multiple guests, or just 1 very lucky Fur Baby!

Deluxe Rooms

Includes Daycare, potty breaks, and bed.These rooms allow your Fur Baby to stand up and move around comfortably and see other guests. 

Feline Condos

Private connecting rooms with multiple levels and separate room for litter box. These rooms offer privacy, look out windows, areas to climb and ways to explore and keep your feline entertained! 

Kitchen Services

We include unlimited meals per day of the food you provide. We are happy to provide snacks or provide our gourmet food. Please inquire for our chef to create your custom dining plan and pricing.

We are able to continue your Fur Babies health routine, including the administration of vet prescribed and over the counter medicine in liquid, pill, or topical forms.
At this time we do not administer injections.
Tuck-In Service
There are many ways to enhance their bedtime, such as special treats, bed time story, cuddle time, brushing and massage! Let us know what your Fur Baby loves and we’re happy to help you create a custom tuck in service during their stay!

All pricing includes full day of daycare or add $10 additional for private play.

First Time?
Feline Boarding

Feline Boarding: We require proof of current Rabies and Distemper
We will provide the litter box and bowls. Parents provide their usual litter and food. Clean toys, bedding, treats are optional.


4 Tier Tower

1 Feline- 2 rooms & 1 litter box~ $25 per day
2  felines  & shared litter box ~$45 per day

Cat Suite- LArge private room with viewing area and window & 1 litter boxes ~$40

Additional Felines in same family $ 20

  • Dogs must be a minimum of 8 weeks of Age. All puppies must have 1st set of vaccinations prior to their 1st day in the park.
  • Dogs must be in a good condition of health.
  • No coughing, vomiting, diarrhea 48 hours prior to arrival at the facility
  • All Dogs Must be free of parasites (fleas & ticks). All Dogs are inspected upon entry into the facility if parasites are found they must either be picked up immediately or given a treatment at your expense.
  • We can not accept aggressive or anti-social aggressive dogs.
  • All dogs must wear a flat quick-release collar or harness with identification and be on a leash to enter Fur~Baby Park. Dogs will wear their collar & Harness anytime they are outside of the play area.
  • All dogs must have current vaccination records to include DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Para influenza, Parvovirus), BORDETELLA, and RABIES. Please bring a copy of your pets vaccination records to give to us. At this time records may not be faxed.
  • Prior to playing with us, your dog MUST COMPLETE the temperament evaluation as our facility is NOT designed to handle dogs in segregation.
  • Dogs that have passed the temperament test but have not been here to play within 3 months -will have to schedule another temperament test.
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We are located in Downtown Milford, DE

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